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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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storealal -- historical object. >> it does incl clud quarts that has in the been mined in cal since 1800s. we consider precious in telling the story of california in, particular, the gold rush. >> the box is seven by nine inches, encrusted with gold and quarts depicting pioneer life. some put the value at $800,000. >> a unity rally will be held tonight after neighbors received racist hate mail. the letter targeted the philippino american community in american canyon, calling the population filthy and scum. >> it's dreadful. i never thought this would happen to us. so you know, i'm just sad for the people. these are just people that have very little knowledge. >> police are now investigating, trying to
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locate the sender to determine whether the letter violates penal codes about hate crimes, laura anthony will be at the rally beginning at city hall. she'll have a live report with the latesthon story on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> some residents in the presidio heights neighborhood were evacuated after workers punctured a gas line. cruise working on a water line when they struck the two inch gas line just afternoon causing a loud hissing sound. natural gas spew nootd air, crews cap that had leak in about an hour, neighbors returned home. >> the price of repairing damage from this ship that hit the bay bridge support to you jer rising. >> officials say the accident caused two to three million dollars in damage to the bridge but no problems. >> abc 7 news has more now. >> and happening throughout the day,bi the investigation continues with one major player joining in. barry strouch from the national transportation safety board officially began his
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investigation to try to determine if human error is to blame for monday's accident. this morning a representative of the marshal island ship and corporate strij was transported from alameda to oil tanker. the overseas raymar has a marshal island flag. the person is said to be here to examine the vessel. the ship has been ampk yeefrd hitting a tower of the bay bridge doing some damage to the fender material that protects it. oil did not leak out into the bay. records have shown the pilot who was navigating the ship at the time was involved in three previous accidents. the national transportation safety board will file its own report and that could take several months to complete that. is the latest. >> an investigation is underway into a ferry accident in new york city. it injured more than 50 people. 11, seriously. the national transportation safety board is now on the
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scene. the crowded ferry carries nearly 400 passengers from new jersey every day. it slammed into the pier docking during the morning commute and ripped open part of the ship's hull. police say the crew passed breath tests after the crash. >> a judge today approved a $1 million settlement for demonstrators pepper sprayed november, 2011 incident prompted national outrage. under the settlement, the university agreed to give each of the 21 plaintiffs $30,000. the rest of the money going to 15 others involved and attorney fees. >> cruise are busy putting down sandbags in a community that saw destructive flooding last month. the work being done to prevent more flooding in a creek dividing palo alto from east palo alto. amy holee field has the story. >> they'll do this 4,000 times, packing in sandbags today in east palo alto. the hope to prevent what happened two two weeks ago, on
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christmas eve whrkts creek overflowed. >> i came out sirkd water was already rising above the sidewalk. >> deborah got a knock on the door from police telling her to evacuate. she went to a friend's home, and waited it was stressful. we were -- kept looking at the tv. you know? with warnings. >> her house was okay. the water came toupt garage but didn't seep inside. seven homes were damaged this, one on dapne way was yellow tagged. the next door neighbors had water rushing through their backyard. aziz robinson is relieved to see the bag goings in. >> they've been quick to responld. they didn't wait a lng time to take a look. we came back, they were all out here taking a look to see where damage was coming from deb wra bra williams questions whether sandbags are a match for the powerful creek.
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>> this is a temporary fix toh$g me. i want a fix its a rainy season running probably until april, then, we can take a look at the permanent solutions. we're looking at those, working on designs and ideas for those, and also, trying to identify funding for the pemplt solutions. >> and that is the problem. money. the fix is estimated to cost about $2.7 million. east palo alto doesn't vit.6@spñ officials are still waiting to hear whether the state can help them out. live2i!÷ doppler 7 hd. >> yes. as driving into the city today, youmhd can see clouds in the disstoons clouds are still ominous and there are areas of showers soon to be followed by freezing cold. taking a look at wet weather, pockets of light showers in the north bay.
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we'll close in on the north bay first wex have mist up around santa rosa. down towards petaluma, and other areas of moisture in the atmosphere, not yet hitting the ground. we've seen showers working into parts of the santa cruz mountains between te -- towards palo alto. just east of fremont, area of moisture there that hasn't amounted to much there. it's getting wet in spots. showers continuing and temperatures into later evening hours from upper 30s to upper 40s. there will be wet spots for the morning commute, temperatures ranging from low 30s into coldest spots to low 40s by the coast. by afternoon, showers should be pretty much over. high temperatures from upper 40s to around 50. then, we have a colder weather coming about which i'll tell you more later. >> a lot colder.
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>> thank you. >> that is right. >> former giants slugger barry bonds and two other krorl players will not be getting into the baseball hall of fame. >> this is the first year of eligibility for bonds. as well as pitcher roger clemens and outfielder sammy sosa. the on cheeld achievements have been tainted by allegations of steroid use going on for years this, is the second time in four decades voters have not elected candidates into the baseball hall of fame. wayne freedman is live with reaction. wayne? >> not just anyone gets to vote for the hall of fame. you need to be a member of the baseball writers of association. need to have done it 10 years. not just anyone gets voted into the hall of fame, either. a player needs votes from 75% of the members. barry bonds received barely half of that. how many baseball riders spent
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the day defending themselves. if they voted, they were probably more than a few. this is a man who abstained in his vote die not vote for barry bonds. i did not vote for roger clemens. dinot vote for sammy sosa. i did not vote for mike piazza. >> those are four names linked to the steroid era. >> i don't understand why they won't elect him into the hall of fame. it don't make sense. >> the vote into which no one was elected wrings baseball's former little secret in the shadows, front and center again. lance will yimz wrote the book exposing barry bonds. >> i think baseball never figured out how to process the steroid era. it's awkward for the game and fans this, is more awkwardness. >> and ironic that it has reopened an old wound exposing
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the worse. >> i think sports should be about fair play. as hokey as that sounds. other guys are the guys that had to play against these guys cheating. how many weren't able to get strike outs or base hits maybe they would have racked up good stats if these guys hadn't cheated to get there. >> coming back live now, on the statue immortalized outside of the ballpark. mark says one of the reasons is that it's too soon to know all facts oféqmnx the steroider. how many players use them, he says he wants more context. there is time barry bonds has 14ñn$? more ballots in which toe elected. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> bonds as you'll recall
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admitted he unknowingly took performance-enhacing drugs from a personal trainer connected to balco. >> moments ago,h=ra, balco's founder sat down with me and told me he's dispatted but not surprised. >> believe he deserves to be in the hall of fame. because he was held to a different standard than everybody else this, is about the foolish opinions of a group of sports writers that in late 1990s were looking into the other direction while this was going full flej. >> it was pervasive. >> it's shocking nobody made it in. i didn't think he'd get close to the 75% total required i thought he'd be ar-dv= what? 50%? there is a lotyb9"ó of prestige involved in this sport. so there is a chance some voters want to express their displeasure over the steroid
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era and have decided to do that by not voting for anyone that was expected of doping. >> let's talk about the vote prog ses. >> right. well, wayne mentioned it a little bit. there is no player, there is no manager voting from the hall of fame. ballotting is done bit baseball riders association of america. why is that important? well, in bonds case, for 22 years, these are the same people pa bonds treated like trash. i mean, he was air ganlt. he was condescending and rude a lot of the times. those were the good days, okay? i'm justing i was there. there is no love lost between baseball writers and barry bonds. and he's not going get any simpagey from the writers in this situation. having said that, i think if you look at barry's career numbers before anyone suspected the juicing, he is hall of fame worthy. i don't
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think there is a doubt about that. now there, is a 15 year window to try to get into> do you remember the duct taped passengers? we'll show you video and struggle it took to restrain him. >> michael finney will answer your questions here live, you can contact michael on finney abc 7. >> and taking a look at the
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san francisco skyway right now, if you're trying to make your way across the bay bridge heading east it's going to take time. but for drivers on the right side of the screen heading south to the peninsula, 101 looking better. stay with us. abc 7 ne
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bay area dog owners are getting their wish. today, mileo's kitchen announced it's getting rid of it's treats.
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nestle purina took similar action. the treats linked to the l morgan hic 7 news her dog died after eating the treats. the recalls after trace amounts of antibiotics from china were found in the products. >> ensureance giant ai. g decided against joining a shareholder lawsuit against the u.s. government, legally obligated3okñ to consider joinig the suit brought by the former ceo who claims the terms were not fair to aig share holders. the government rescued kpt from the brink of collapse after it nearly imploded after making huge bets on investment that's went wrong. >> new details about eric schmidt's north korea trip and facebook sending out a special invite to friends in the media. that and nor today's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon. facebook stock first hit it's
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highest point in six months, topping $30 a share, the social network sends out a mysterious invitation, invite together press to ilts headquarters saying skpum see what we're building with no additional information. speculation has ranged from a phone to social search. all of this just two week as haeftd 4th quarter earnings report rmt 6789 professional socialmuwg network linkedn says hates 200 million members, adding 13 million members since november, 2012 saying it's available in 19 languages. and boeing's dream liner runs into the third problem this, time a computer wrongly indicated brake wrdz in trunl leading the flight to be canceled to japan. another had an electrical fire and a third, a fuel leak. bok boeing inreceive sifts the
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plane is safe. >> google motorola mobility infringement lawsuit against microsoft. that required google to not request sales bans on most standard issue patents. mic says they were standard use bid x box box. taking a look at markets today, stocks close hider, investors grew more optimist yichblgt the bloomberg silicon valley index closed lower, though. we know more about what eric schmidt is doing. new video shows schmidt and bill richardson touring a north korean university and computer lab, richardson said they're urging north korea to allow more internet access and cell phone use.
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at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang. back to you. >> thank you. >> changes are coming to our weather. dark out there. >> dark and rain is going to be following. spencer christian. and we'll see more during overnight hours. temperatures right now around or just above 50 degrees. it's going to turn cooler during overnight hours, showers tapering off and snow levels down to 1500 feet as colder air arrives. a massive cold air moving into our direction. and freezing, frosty weather. starting at 7:00 this evening during late night and overnight showers, showers moving mainly near the coast and bai. not so much farther
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inland.jzv showers tapering off and by afternoon, should be over. we'll look at rainfall-stñ totas bay area. 15 hugts of an inch. there will be wet spots from time to time. and winter weather advisory is in effect until 4:00 in the morning and gusty winds and travel delays are likely. northwest swells, san francisco will have high tides over seven feet, coyote creek high tides, low temperatures tonight low 30s in parts of the north bay valleys and inland east bay as well. chilly around the bay area. and as for this cold snap, a freeze warning is in effect. for friday morning from 2:00 to 8:00 a.m. frost advisory in effect in this area around bay shore line for the same period of time friday morning for 2:00 owe to 8:00 a.m.
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temperatures tomorrow, under partly cloudy skies highs around 50. it's going to be a chilly day. looking at the accu-weather forecast, should taper off by afternoon, then, friday morning and saturday morning freezing frosty weather with temperatures dropping well below freezing into colder spots. temperatures should begin to moderate over the weekend. it's winter. goitsing to feel that way for a while. >> still no rain saturday? >> looks like it. >> chances are, dry conditions but chilly. >> yes. >> of course, by green bay standards will be balmy. >> yes. >> packers won't feel a thing. >> no. they won't. they'll be wearing short sleeve autos coming up next, couples often get married on significant dates but this one came up with a way to make sure they never forget the aers anniversary. >> wife of late actor patrick swayze comes to the bay area today on a personal mission. >> and the bay area bk=3g with playoff fever. 49ers in the playoff game is
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saturday. spencer was talking about at candle stick. we want to see your team pride. you can e mail fan vote photos and we'll be posting them on abc 7 and showing many of them as we can on the air.
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a newlywed couple in massachusetts will have no
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excuse for forgetting their anniversary. >> numbers played a big role. they tied the knot today, january 9, 2013 because the couple's skpip code is 01913. >> this is the picture of the happy couple. choosing today for the wedding haa thing for numbers and says she knew steven was the one after learning his birthday is november 22, 11, 22 one of her favorite double digits she says. >> as long as they don't move that. would be bad. >> twilight's final chapter earning buzz, but not the kind it wants. >> another arrest for a troubled comic. that and more its no laughing matter for cat williams out on bail after another arrest in los angeles. the 41-year-old set to be arraigned in sacramento tuesday for a bizarre motorcycle pursuit in november.
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otrc can confirm he was taken into custody in l.a.. it's the latest in a string of recent arrests for the star this, year's grammy awards shaping up to be fun. the band fun will make a debut, nominated for best new artist, song, record and album of the year. from music to movies award season isf36e in full swing, including razies, leading the pack this year, twilight saga breaking down part ii. >> the final chapter sank its teeth into 11 nominations, the razies announced before oscars february 23. you can check out a full list on >> all right. still head at 4:00 vice
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president#yeys biden promising check action on gun control measure autos the.k=t california woman uses a very big weapon to defend ser self, she finds a burglar in her home. >> then, selling on ebay. the tests under way making it so simple
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today vice president biden gun violence as he met with representative victim groups and gun safety organizations. the meeting is part of many to build a plan to curb gun violence after the deadly school shootings in newtown, connecticut. last month's tragic shooting shook the nation. the grieving community the president promised action. his first step, putting vice president biden in charge of developing the administration's blueprints. today, biden sat down with victim groups in gun control advocates. >> i want owe-to-make it clear we're not going get caught up in the notion unless we can do everything, we're going do nothing. >> the white house stressed gun violence won't be solved by one action, but today, biden clear the administration will do something.
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>> there are executive action that's can be taken. >> the president says he wants recommendations by the end of the month and will move forward, quickly but it's going to be a nasty fight. gun rights advocates are pushing back against even the threat of stricter laws.pcícjn[ emotions are still you raw. today, connecticut governor dan molloy chokd up as remembered heroes from the day. >> teachers and a therapist sacrificed their lives protecting students. conversation on gun violence and said his state will consider a wide range of option autos whit comes to preventing future acts of violence in our schools let me say this. more guns are not the answer. >> tomorrow, vice president biden will sit down with gun rights advocates. last month, calling for armed guards in every school, and vowed to fight any new restrictions.
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>> secretary of state clinton made her first public appearance today since returning to, would. clinton ahended a -- attended a meeting with dan rooney and his family, she says she's thrilled to be back to work. mrs. clinton released from the hospital last week, leaving her noft a matter of weeks saying she's looking forward to taking a break for a little while. >> labor secretary hilda solese is leaving the obama administration, saying she's submitted her letter to the president today, saying she made the decision to leave after discussing it can family and close friends. >> white house chief of staff jack lu is expected to be president obama's pick to lead the trer yuy department. sources say he's choosing lu because of his wide variety of experience, if confirmed he would replace tim think
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geithner. >> washington national cathedral began performing same-sex weddings today. the cathedral is the most prominent episcopal church, holding celebrations and fun ralz for former u.s. presidents. >> a sacramento woman found a stranger sleeping on her couch. she woke frup a sleep only to find some guy on the coach sound aleap with his feet up. she woke the man, told him sheets shees going get coffee, then came back and confronted whim a machete. >> you snead to sit here and you're going wait for the cops. you're going to jai. i was like no. son, you're staying right there.5éao i was like don't try to get up or nothing because i have been nice to you up until this point. >> deputies put the cuffs on the 25-year-old christopher
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weaver. they say the man broke into the house, and he collected a stack of valuables and ate some of her food, then dozed off. not the best crime nat in the world. >> no. no. not very bright. ik machete. >> the duct taped passenger. new video of the man who got so out of control on a flight, fellow passengers had to restrain him to his seat. >> today 7 on your side is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions so you can contact me on and on twitter. i'll answer questions here live a little bit later. >> and i'm spencer christian. looking at western skies lots of clouds around and showers as well. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> this is from our camera0( looking at interstate 80.
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left to right. going to berkeley is very slow and just minutes ago we saw an accident looks like that has been cleared off now, but heavy in both directions.
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you're now looking at never before seen individual yof a 10 foot long squid. crew wtz japanese network nhk
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caught this giant creature on camera there. it's eyes the size of dinner plates if you can imagine, and it has raiser tooth suckers. tales of the squid have been around since ancient times, its a big boy and will be featured on a program called monster squid, the giant is real. >> those are this tentacles. >> yes. >> we have video on what happened on a new york bound flight where a man got so drunk fellow passengers hadñ take control. >> the pan was strapped ni duct taped him and gagged him as well. abc shows us how much of a struggle this turned out tochblt the un ruley passenger can be seen screaming out, fighting again homemade duct tape restraints around his chest, feet and mouth. passengers on board the flight say it started on thursday
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when the passenger allegedly downed a bottle of duty free alcohol during the flight.ed/sñ before growing more agitated. the airline confirmz the man began acosting and hitting people. saying he tried to choke the person next to him screaming "the plane is going crash". >> someone who is out of control needs to be restrained. i have seen someone gets restrained when acting odd or trying to break into the door. >> those on board say that is what they d you can see someone cutting off sections of duct tape this, photo shows wrists bound, legs strapped to go in w.a plastic tie. in a statement, iceland air says he was monitored for the flight. the plane landed wout incident. the man was taken into custody. so far, authorities have not pressed charges. despite complaints from
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passengers they were scare nufd to take matters into their own hands. >> he doesn't seem happy. >> i feel sorry for the guy. >> those moans and noises making feel bad. >> yes. we didn't see what happened five minutes before that. >> right. right oo. that is what we need to see. >> a man impossible to restrain. >> thank you, mr. sympathy, larry beil. we've got pockets of moisture around the bay area, light scattered showers. and some of the showers could become heavier during later ed1 now into santa , the front into the south bay. some light moisture and sprinkles, mist and showers pressuring eastward.
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moisture in the atmosphere, nationally tomorrow, looking at rather mixed pick turks sunny, cool in the northeast. thunderstorms down in parts of the southeast near new orleans. and into lower mississippi valley. we'll see snow in the pacific northwest, coast areas will see scattered showers state wide a mixed bag. pockets of showers and it won't be very mild tomorrow in southern california. we'll see snow in the sierra perhaps about five to seven inches around lake tahoe. here in the bay area, partial clearing into afternoon. high temperatures into upper 40 owes around 50s. conditions game time saturday for 49ers taking on packers will be mainly clear skies, dry. temperatures into upper 40s so
4:42 pm
chilly for the game. >> cool. >> right. very cool. >> thank you. >> up next wife of the late actor patrick swayze makes a visit to support a personal cause. >> where you ca hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ]
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♪ the one and only, cheerios
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the widow of actor patrick swayze came to the bay area to publicize more research to fight panniatic and lung cancers. they m÷5r celebrated it's passae along with swayze's widow. patrick swayze died in 2009. only 6% of the americans diagnoses survive. lisa swayze says patients need all of the help they can get. >> a lot of illnesses can be tough when you're faced with your own mortality and people can get angry and bitter. >> under the legislation the institute and institutes of health will work to devise better treatment plans and present them within 18 months. >> a study suggests people who speak two languages pay
4:46 pm
attention better than those that can only speak one. they found out each group could process sounds the same when it's quiet but brains of the bilingual students worked better when background noise was add this, is the first time it's been documented. >> it's fascinating. >> first one comes through facebook. janet asked rfid chips being put into credit cards s my bank obligated to remove those if i ask? >> that is a great question. it's on car card wez carry around. they're now putting that into credit cards. that means your credit card no it's very convenient. and they do not have to take it out. if you ask them to.
4:47 pm
however, because of technology is so new, if you ask, most will take them out. at this point we haven't had much stolen. but we don't have enough to know. >> and i've seen reports it's easy to rip off. >> yes. we did the reports. we're under cover. >> yes. you can do it easily. >> yes. >> moe mailed where can i find out quick hfg information on used car warranty autos ed it's a great web site that. is warranties i assume you're talking b they've got a list of what it is they offer. you know, what you get with these things is that new car protection. can be a good deal. you pay for it. >> debbie k wants to know you,
4:48 pm
no now, holidays are over, how do i stop catalogs from coming to my home? >> i know what you mean. i thought i got a lot before christmas. now, they just keep streaming n it's dma you go there. 3 any bail an and -- mail, they'll help do you that. if you've done business with them, then, recent times, during holiday season, then, they won't cut you off from those. >> yes. >> sou have to call those directly. >> all right. thank you. >> sure. >> jimmy kimmel made a debut from actress skbren fer aniston and her sledge hammer.
4:49 pm
>> also giving a hair cut. she said it's her first trend in 30 years. >> it airs week nights. new time following abc 7 news at 11:00ment the abc news program comes on after jimmy at 12:37. >> if you like selling and shopping on ebay, stay tuned. >> there goes that ebay van. it's not making delivery buzz pick ups. i'm david louie. why in, a story you'll see >> and new options being serve fofrd lunch in san francisco schools kooum at 5:00 mother of a burned san francisco woman shares her grief. in a story you'll see on abc 7 news, why she wants to come face-to-face with the boyfriend who did this to her daughter. >> gator guarding a stash of
4:50 pm
hey america, even though they don't need one, wes, clay, and demarcus tried on the depend real fit briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even while playing pro football. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself.
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nba could be returning to ); yahoo sports reports owners are in talks to sell the franchise. the deal could be for $500 million, $50 million more than warriors sold in 2010. perspective buyers have a new agreement for downtown seattle. any plan would have to be submitted by march 1, then approve bid the league. >> there is no shortage of things you can buy on ebay. >> right. but the auction web site is always wondered if it can stream line the process of selling. >> abc 7 news shows us what ebay is now testing. >> ebay has six of these vans making rounds in the south bay. a new initiative to help people sell goods on the popular site. hello. >> hello. >> i'm here to pick up this item. >> this is in the second month
4:54 pm
of the pilot project providing advise. but first up is inventory of the goods. >> i take a group photo of the items as a report. >> she has never sold anything before today. >> time money. right? and i am willing you know? there is a commission. but that is well worth me not having to spend time to do it. >> there is a learning curve i tñ be bothered. >> the commission is 25%. altogether, she hopes to make $200 or $300. when arriving they'll be photographed and posted online. they will be listed for 14 days. ebay has done only limited parkinging. -- marking. the team is amazed by the interest. >> people love it. people are just amazed we'd
4:55 pm
come to their house. we pick up things they want to sell. we do everything for them. and money shows up. it's that simple. >> ebay is also testing the service in kansas. goods over 25 pounds not aloud there. is no limit to number of items. fit doesn't sell there is an option to donate it to charity or to have it returned. the pilot program continues until the end of the month, then, will decide if, or when to roll out the program nationally. >> complaints about the school food in san francisco are way down since the school district rolled out a lunch menu. revolution foods uses only fresh ingredients. the meals are never frozen. students say they can taste the difference. >> it doesn't come in a bag.
4:56 pm
>> when i heard from students om adults is that is it tastes freshly cooked. it's huge for us. >> students were eager to request their meals to the chef. revolution foods began serving school lunches six years ago. now, indicator to 850 lunch rooms nationwide. >> looks good. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> themk/z abc 7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for an droid phone. you can down load free from the app store. the free larm clock app is still available if you have an iphone. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> a north bay community living in fear after neighborhoods are targeted with racist, hate-filled letters. >> face-to-face. on him. >> words for a boyfriend that set her daughter on fire. antidomestic violence groups come together to fight back in
4:57 pm
san francisco. >> i'm sandhya patel. live doppler 7 tracking showers right now. when snow levels will lower and when freeze warn beings are going up, coming up.y?6fk >> good evening, i'm cheryl jeng autos going to begin with hate filled letter attacking people of philippino decent it claimed to have been from a state agency targeting philippino americans in american canyon. abc 7 news is live when leaders are holding a rally right now. week. it's not from the state. leaders are gathering to?juoñ mh from here to a local business.
4:58 pm
idea to show unity among diverse groups and reject messages contained in a letter sent from a sender. >> i said oh, my god. i said this is just filth.ñhço >> marie is among several residents receiving one of these. it's a letter came in the u.s. mail. it claims to come from the board of psychology a nurse% pwwas directed at her, but then, she read the second part. chastising those of philippino decent who have mixed race children. >> it seems to fall on the right people to get this kind of letter so being of philippino race, my husband, caucasian, i thought is this addressed to me? >> the return label says concerned neighbors the letter
4:59 pm
uses terms like filthy and unwanted to describe the local philippino community. >> someone is targeting certain individuals in your community. >> again, it's not only apalling but shocking to us. we've valued our races here, it's just not part of the community value autos contacted by abc 7 news, california board of kos met tolling spokesman says, the letter is gis dis gufrting and none of the information in the letter is accurate. making it nothing more than a repulsive work of fiction. it may not warrant an arrest or criminal prosecution, city leaders are taking the hateful letter seriously its a great opportunity for to us reach out to neighbors to use this unfortunate incident to get to know your neighbors. understand each other's cultures and our perspective. >>


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